true story

true story

diaper bag

When I started my brand, I had no business plan and nothing was really planned. My small business started out of a real need for a children's backpack that will be a little different in the view that will suit us parents in particular and will fit into everyday life.

I have a BA and MBA in economics and have never studied design but somehow everything was good for me and I feel like I am in the most natural place for me. I run the business in my own way, considerately, step by step and in stages that make me feel comfortable and inner peace. Over the years I have learned so much and every mistake for me has been a kind of tuition fee. Before each new design I feel a kind of personal commitment to my customers and really hope they will love it just as much as I enjoy producing and creating it. The pace in the world is fast, constantly changing and always requires me to be creative and relevant, sometimes it's really challenging but feels like it's ultimately working good for me.

We recently moved to a new apartment and I set up a new studio that provides me with great pleasure to pack my products for you. It's also a great opportunity to thank you all for supporting local production and accepting it with great love.